AAA WaterProofing

Waterproof Plaster

Moisture problems due to rain in external walls are a common phenomenon. Waterproofing external walls is an easily treated problem that can be solved from the beginning during plaster preparation.

The preparation of a waterproof plaster with the addition of the mortar waterproofing admixture ADINOL-DM is the easiest and most affordable solution for waterproofing walls from the beginning, during plastering.

Waterproof Plaster protects treated and untreated surfaces against water penetration. It is thus excellent for treating and repairing bases, stairways, chimneys and windbreaks. Multi-Purpose Plaster Waterproof is also excellent for exposed facade areas, such as sills and overhangs as well as damp basement walls and other indoor treatments where proofing is required against water and moisture. At the same time, Waterproof Plaster has high diffusion capacity, allowing the wall to breathe.

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