AAA WaterProofing

Injection Grouting

Being the reckoned names in the industry, we offer our clients timely executed range of Grouting Services. Further, we offer most durable and innovative Grouting Services at the most cost effective prices.

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of the clients, we offer flexible range of Waterproofing Injection Grouting Services to our clients. Our professionals utilize latest tools and equipment in implementing the entire services and deliver them in well-defined time frame. Through these services, we are able to fill the delicate and minute gaps in between the surfaces and offer them at most affordable rates.

Typical Applications in Injection Grouting:-

In RCC Beam Columns/Slabs & Hinny-Comb Surface, Cracks, Basement, Water Tank. Advantages:
• Injection Grouting effectively fills capillaries and voids and does not shrink like cement slurries.
• Injection Grouting flows through the concrete easily and expands in voids and capillaries.
• Injection Grouting is very economical when compared with epoxy and polyurethane grouts.
• Seal Voids/Cracks in Concrete effectively.

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